Avertising in shopping chains Konzum and Bingo
Research show that 70% of purchase decisions are made ate the point of sales. Considering also the fact that big glut of traditional media advertising is present, advertising at the point of sales is the ambient media with the biggest growth in the world.
Ambient media aren't aggressive. Customers accept them positively; they are opened to them an they want additional information to help them make the right choice. So offering our advertisments we give them channels to reach customers.
That way they can end their process of advertising through media mix in the right place - where their product is.
Bingo, Mercator and Konzum.
trolleys, floor stickers, detector sleeves, dividers on cash register, light panels, hangers, shelf dividers, wobblers, advertising on storage houses, advertising panels on the store entrance doors, advertising panels on vegetables and fruits section.
  • A final reminder to the message recieved by a customer through classical communication channels
  • Making contact with customers in the moment when they are undisturbed by other activities and ready to purchase
  • Extremely high effect of returning the invested capital
  • The lowest expenditure regarding Cost per Thousand - CPT
Map with the locations of our indoor media.

Compare table of indoor formats and indoor media.
Open an interactive gallery and see for yourself the quality of the advertising space that offers MANDIS.
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Mandis is advertising agency specialized in indoor and outdoor advertising. Our primary business activity is sale and installation of advertising areas in the domain of indoor and outdoor advertising.
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